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LTE-PMR Solution

Hytera Innovative Narrowband & Broadband Convergent Communication Solution provides seamless connection with PDT and DMR narrowband systems via multiple wireless pipelines including narrowband private networks, broadband private networks, and public networks, to allow you to enjoy high-quality narrowband emergency voice communication as well as large-capacity and high-speed multimedia data services such as video speaking. With the all-round and deep integration of terminals, platforms, management, dispatch, and upper applications, it builds up a new-era smart trunking ecological system. 

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Rich services, strong performance

The system has powerful grouping service functions, facilitating group establishment. It supports video polling, network recording, and etc.

Advanced architecture, flexible networking

You can flexibly configure bandwidth, applicable for uplink and downlink allocation of trunking services. The system supports seamless upgrade from 100 to 1 million users with extensive remote maintenance capabilities.

Open system, tailed to customer demands

The system is equipped with industrially safe modules.

It has open interfaces, easy for integration.



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